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Yolanda Mercy is an independent artist with a view of creating high quality, thought provoking and entertaining work

We use the funds received to create, produce and tour. In addition this amount includes making workshops accessible by significantly reducing or removing the cost for participants, plus offering free equipment during sessions such as pens and paper. 

Previous sponsors, supporters and funders include: 

Arts Council England, Individual donors, Sleek, O2 Think Big and Tyrells. 

There are so many different ways to support such as...

Sponsorships/ Partnerships - This could range from sponsoring an aspect of a production or the workshops we deliver.  

Donations - Providing financial support on a regular or one off basis enables us to keep creating work with and for a wide demographic of people.  

Other  -  If you have other ideas or thoughts on ways to support Yolanda Mercy please feel free to email

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